Thursday, May 10, 2012

What did Josh do to get ready for his mission?

Josh hung out with friends, friends and more friends. Oh yah, he also worked at Papa Murphy's Pizza.  We personally consumed 58 double layer, pepperoni pizzas during those few months. So, I guess we were much better off for that job. 

What are they feeding Will and Phil at BYU? I thought Josh was tall, but look at these two!

Josh, Jaden, Conner, Avery, Tyrell and Sam played "Magic" almost every day. Yes, you heard that right, almost every day, usually until 3 or 4 in the morning and sleeping in until noon. I'll bet the missionary schedule will be a bit different, but I'm sure that was a very valuable skill to tuck away in his bag of tricks.

Josh was caught a few times doing some manual labor on a home improvement project. Actually, it was a big project, and hopefully Josh will be proud when he remembers how he contributed to such a spectacular kitchen.

Now, that is a sign of a natural-born leader, getting his friends to help haul away bricks...Thanks guys!

 Don't forget that you saw it here first, Josh using power tools, and enjoying it!


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