Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reassignment to Texas

Quierdo Familia,
     This last weekend last weekend all the new mission presidents have been coming in for training, so the main building has been locked down because the First Presidency has been coming and going to teach the mission presidents.
     Our district's service assignment every Tuesday morning is to clean that building, so we spent the whole time looking out for Apostles. Once we were finished, we tried to walk out the doors that led past the cafeteria (we suspected that at least Dieter would be in there because he was speaking in fifteen minutes), but a security guard stopped us halfway down the hall and we had to go another way. Later that night though, Elder L.Tom Perry spoke at the devotional and seated on the stand behind him was Elders: Bednar, Holland, Ballard, Nelson, Christofferson, and maybe one or two more, but I can't remember.
     We really weren't expecting this to happen, at least until July 5th, but we got our reassignments until our visas get cleared. Some of us are going to Colorado Springs, others to Denver, and one to Los Angeles. I'm going, as well as Elder Schumacher, to McAllen, Texas. I'm leaving July 5th (so I'll get to watch the fireworks from the MTC on the 4th) and I'm to go the the travel office at five in the morning to get to the Salt Lake airport. I have two flights, the first departs from Salt Lake at eight and lands in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas at 11:40. We have about a one hour lay over there before we have our next flight at 12:50 to Miller International; which seems like it's in McAllen or close to it from what our travel plans tell us. we should arrive at about two-fifteen; so we have about four hours in the air. Other than that, all we know is that the flights are both non-smoking, but we have no idea what's going to happen once we land.
     There has also been a lot of fires going on around Provo, mostly in Saratoga Springs. So the other day, there was ash falling onto the MTC grounds and we could just see chunks of it floating down. There's a rumor that missionaries will be sent to help, but I doubt it will be any from the MTC; although it would be a different way to serve.
Con Amor,
Elder Burt

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