Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching up with Cristian

Querido familia,                       10 de Junio 2013

So we have been teaching, or at least trying to teach, this lady named Norma Luke (I think I mentioned her last week). Well she went on a trip to Goya to visit her mom and we've haven't been able to find her this week. So we went to her house last Thursday in the hopes of finding her, but she wasn't there. We did, however, find her husband whom we've never met before. When he greeted us at the door he didn't even hesitate to invite us in (we almost didn't even have tie to introduce ourselves he let us in so fast). So we sat down and started talking with him and he said that before he used to go to our church and that he was learning about the things that we teach, but he felt really pressured to get baptized because the Elders were trying to get him in the water when he didn't feel ready. So on this particular visit with him, we didn't get to teach him anything because we were short on time, but we set up another day to meet him.

So a few days later on Saturday, we went back over to talk with Daniel Luke (the guy I was just talking about) about the Book of Mormon. We started going over it with him, starting with the cover, and talking about the history of the book, where it came from, and why we have it. It was really interesting because he has already had some experience with the Book of Mormon and what was even better was he said that he already had a testimony that the book was true and was inspired by God.

Unfortunately, right as he started to talk about his testimony of the Book of Mormon, his friend who was in the back, and a little bit drunk, walked into the room and sat down with us and kind of killed the moment. So Daniel started telling his friend that he needs to stop drinking and start doing something productive because it isn't worth being in the state that he was in. But what was even better than his sound advice to his friend was that Daniel then began to teach Felix, his friend, about the Book of Mormon. He started saying things like, "Look, Felix. This book was written here in the American continent, but it contains the same Gospel as the Bible that was written in Jerusalem because they were both written by prophets called by God."

So it seems like Daniel is already pretty solid on things, so in the coming days we'll start to see what it is that he needs in order to get baptized, but so far he has already cleared the hardest obstacle which is just to have a knowledge that the book is true; because from there then you already know that everything else that we teach is true and that the church is true.

At the end of our second visit with him, he asked us if we could come back the next day and we did, but he didn't answer the door when we knocked. So we went back later the same day and tried again and he did answer. Turns out that he was sleeping and by the time he had gotten up and arrived at the door, we had already left and he could see us walking off in the distance. So we just rescheduled for tonight; which is good because his wife, Norma, and their son, Frederico, should be back from their trip.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned him, but we've been teaching a youth named Cristian. He has been taught before and was going to get baptized, but then something happened where his mom didn't want him to get baptized. His mom has been real pleasant with us ever time that we've seen her, so we'll see how things end up this time for him. This week, however, we've been struggling to find Cristian at his home, but we've been lucky enough to start teaching his brothers that also live there. 

It was really interesting the way we got in the door for one of his brothers, Hugo, because he was about to send us away. What happened is that we knocked on the door and he answered and told us that Cristian wasn't home, so we started talking to him and he was aware that we were trying to get a conversation going with him so that we could get inside and teach him, so he started trying to get a rid of us a little bit by saying that he already knows what we share and so on and so forth. So,  asked him if we could leave him with a card and he said that would be fine. So I gave him a little business card that has a picture of a family on it and says, "Can we continue living together as a family even after dying?" After giving it too him, I asked him the question, "Have you ever asked yourself that question?" He took a few moments to look at the card and just think. After a minute, he looked up and invited us to come inside.

So we sat down with him and started talking about his family and he told us more about his brother who is a member and all the changes his brother made and how much better his brother's life is since he started living the Gospel. He also talked about how he is married and has a one year old son. So we started to talk to him about the Plan of Salvation and his role in this plan. 

If the next few weeks go by like this, we are going to baptize all of Cristain's family before we can even get any time to teach Cristian.

os amo,
Elder Burt

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