Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cut your hair super short

Querida familia,                     24 de Diciembre 2013

So this Monday we went looking from Omar because we had heard that he came back early from working in the fields, but we had some troubles getting a hold of him. We got to his house, but when we walked up to gate, his mom walked in the house at the same time and wouldn't come outside to talk to us. We clapped (even though she knew we were there) and still wouldn't come out. She then started sending little kids out to see if we were still there and she even sent a little girl out to say, "my mom isn't home." I told her that I just saw her mom walk inside and that we just wanted to talk for two minutes. She still wouldn't come out. The ridiculous thing about the situation is that we could see Omar sleeping and we considered just being loud enough to wake him up and get his attention, but it seemed inappropriate. A little bit later, a little boy of three years walked out and we told him, "hey, can you wake Omar up for us?" The boy looked inside the house and then responded to us, "my mom won't me." So we actually didn't get to see Omar this week with everything that has been going on.

Tuesday night, however, we got the call telling Elder Miramontes and I that we would no longer be together. Elder Miramontes was sent to another city called Goya and I was told that I would be training two new missionaries; Qui-Gon can't take on two apprentices, but I sure can.

So we left at three in the morning that same night to go to Resistencia. While I was there I only got my first of the companions, but he is Elder Diaz from Iquitos, Peru. 

It was funny because in the mission office, President Heyamn was making everyone cut their hair to be super short and when he told me I had to cut my hair I tried to convince him to let me cut it myself the next day. I told him that I have my way of cutting to conserve my style and he told me, "your style is representative of Jesus Christ." The next day I talked with President Heyman by phone and asked how the hair was because he "was worried that it had messed up my style."

I'm really short on time, but we'll be talking tomorrow.

os amo,
Elder Burt

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