Monday, February 3, 2014

One last area

Querida familia,                                2 De Febrero 2014
We did service for a family moving bricks from the street to their back yard so they can start building some stuff. 

This last Monday we had another visit with Ana Rivero, the friend of two of the girls from the young women that we've been teaching. She is really doing quite well and will be getting baptized soon; we're really excited for her. What is even better is that the members are starting to so the fruits of their labors, or at least the labor of others, and it's getting them excited to do their own missionary work with their friends and family.

Ana's family owns what essentially is a farm, but it isn't really a farm and the people just call it a field, but it has animals and crops that they cultivate and harvest, a cabin, and other things. It's about five kilometers from where we live and so she invited us to go there with her and some of the other youth from the branch. So we set a time to go early Friday morning to go and do service with whatever it is that they needed us to do.

Unfortunately this plans, as well as many others, come to an abrupt halt this last Tuesday when when got the transfer call. Elder Diaz was told that he would be staying in Campo Largo for a time longer, but that I was going to be moved to a different area that is actually really close by (the city is still within the same district as Campo Largo) called Quitilipi.

Quitilipi is a brand new area that has been closed for years and was recently opened up three months ago. So now I'm here as the group leader until there are enough members, as well as a place to meet (because right now we just have a sacrament meeting in member's house every Sunday), and then I would be the branch president here (unless by that time we already have someone here who can do it).

So for now we have some really great plans to get things going here and leave the foundation for a very successful and active branch that can become a ward. My new companion Elder Valverde (who is also from Peru) is really great and we have a shared vision of what we want to do and how we are going to do it. 

So I actually had some time to say goodbye to the members in Campo Largo before leaving because the bus didn't leave until 1:30 in the afternoon. So we went to visit some of the members and then some of the youth in the branch came to the bus terminal to say a final goodbye.
But we have some really great members here in Quitilipi, but the group is desolate of youth; they're all adults because the work has been dead for at least six years and there haven't been any new members.

Also here with us is another companionship that lives right next door to us and shares half the city with us. So we're going to be coordinating our efforts with them to help focus in on the members and making this a strong group that will evolve into an active branch. 

os amo,
Elder Burt 

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