Friday, October 12, 2012

Ostrich Burritos

Querida Familiar,

We´ve had a lot going on this week, especially in order to prepare the people we´re teaching and the branch for Conference. The first thing we had to do was make our own invitations and reminders for Conference because we weren´t able to print off any invitations because of something with the computer. But once we got those ready, we spent the rest of that day and the ext day visiting with members and non-members in order to remind and invite them to Conference. In those two days, we gave out about forty invitations; in other words, a solid two days labor.

I´m sure everyone already heard, but President Monson gave a huge announcement on Saturday during the First Session in which he said that, All worthy young men can start their mission at the age of eighteen if they´ve already graduated high school and at age nineteen for young women. It´s interesting to think that Jaden could already have a year or so out in his mission by the time I finished mine.

I rained last week though, and when it rains it doesn´t stop here. It started in the night and then continued until the next evening. For the next two days everything was muddy and all the roads were destroyed, so talking to people in the streets was a little tricky during that time. Everything was back to normal on the third day after the rain though.

One of the people we´re teaching is Mirian. Her husband is a member, but has been inactive since he was sixteen, when he started drinking and smoking. So right now we´re helping both of them to quit drinking and smoking as well as teaching Mirian the Gospel. She is doing really well with everything and will be ready for baptism soon, but she has one problem: they´re not married and have two kids. So we need to get them married before the baptism, but that´s not too hard to do here, especially since neither of them have anything against becoming married. They have a three year old son named Walter who is just a funny kid. Mirian said that he walks around with the Book of Mormon and pretends to read it and says things like, ´´Mormon says that, God is great.´´ When asked what his favorite part in the Book of Mormon was, Walter opened up to the picture of Moroni burying the plates at the front of the Book. When asked why that was his favorite part he said, ´´Because he is about to go fishing.´´

Another person we´re working with towards baptism is Ivana. She´s twenty years old and lives with her mom, who is a member. She is a little different working with for a couple reasons; one being that she is kind of a flirt and the other being that she´s all about attention. Other than that, the only real problem she has is that she drinks coffee mixed with her mate, but we have a solution for that: Malta, which is more or less a hot cocoa powder that tastes like coffee.

The other day, Elder Sparks came back from splits with another Elder in our district, Elder Farnbach, with ostrich eggs. So on Sunday, he made breakfast burritos for everyone. Then everyone got sick except for me, so that was lucky cause they had some unfortunate symptoms.

os amo,
Elder Burt


The address I had posted before should be correct, but I also got a letter from the Stake Presidency using this address, so anything should get here using this one for sure.

Elder Joshua Burt
Argentina Resistencia Mission
Entre Rios 435
HP3500AKE Resistencia
Elder Joshua Covington Burt
Mission Argentina Resistencia
Entre Rios 435
CP 3500
Resistencia, Chaco
[Mission Office] 

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