Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Journey to South America

                                                                September 24, 2012
During my last week in Corpus Cristi, we set three new baptismal
dates with peoples.

The first one we set was with Michael Anthony. We´ve been trying to
meet with him for almost two weeks after we got a refferal for him
from some other Elders. He is really into history and ancient writings
and he believes that huis purpose in life is to help others, so when
we sat down with him we started talking about the history of the Book
of Mormon. After we went over that and the introduction, we turned to
3 Nephi 11 when the Savior appears to the Nephites. We went over the
verses about baptism and what it means and hy we do it. At the end of
our lesson, we asked him if he would be baptized and he said, ´´Yeah,
I think I should do that.´´

The second person we set a baptismal date with is Devin, who we met
because we helped him carry his groceries from his car to his
apartment. He had just moved to Texas and was getting everything
settled in when we first met him, so we just barely had a chance to
finally have a lesson with him. He is always trying to find something
better, whether it be a better job, a nicer car, or a house, he is
always trying to find more, but he is willing to work for it and
doesn´t just expect it. When we sat down with him, we talked about the
Gospel of Christ and how it is that thing that he has been searching
for that all his past ambitions weren´t able to fulfill for him. So
when we invited him to be baptiozed he said ´yes´ without hesitating.

The third person we set a baptismal date with was Johnathan Jackson.
He is maried and has two kids and works out in the oil rigs. He told
us how the most important thing to him is to be a good example for his
kids and to teach them what they need to do in life. We decided to
read 2 Nephi 31: 9-11 with him about Christ setting the example for al
mankind by being baptized. Before we asked him if he wanted to be
baptized, we asked him what kind of feelings he was having as we were
reading and talking and he said, ´´I just feel a hurt in my heart that
I´ve put off doing this for so long that the Lord had to send me three
guys to basically tell me to be baptized.´´ So we asked if he would
prepare himself to be baoptized and he said ´yes´.

So my journey from Corpus Cristi, Texas started at five in the morning
on Monday. We had to drive to the Stake Center where we were meeting
the other missionaries that were transfering that day. There were four
of us that needed to go farther south into Texas, so Elder Schumacher,
Sister Mitchell (who was in my Zone in Potland), Sister Oomrigar (who
was in my zone in Corpus), and I all drove down to McAllen with Sister
Oomrigar driving.

Once we got to McAllen, Elder Schumacher and I met Sister Warnick (she
was in our travel group from the MTC to Texas) at the Stake Center
with Elder and Sister Choules (one of the Senior Missionary Couples).
They took us and our luggage to the Mission Home where we met with the
Assistants to the President, who then took us to the airport.

From the McAllen Aiport, we flew north to the Dallas Fort Worth Aiport
where we had a bit of a layover. On our way to the gate, we met a
Senior Missionary couple on their way to Buenos Aires, so they were
able to help us get through customs once we landed. The whole fight
was ten and a half hours, plus about an hour to get everyone on board
and seated. After we landed, we met with a man who told us to give him
our visas and our envelopes and so we did and luckily he wasn´t some
guy who just stole missionaries passports.

From Buenos Aires, we rode a bus to a smaller airport and then flew to
Resistencia. Once we landed, we were picked up by the Mission
President, President Heymond. We loaded up our luggage into a bus and
then rode to the Mission Home in Resistencia.

We didn´t have a lot of time to write today because it is a holiday,
so they took an extra long siesta today and we didn´t have access to
internet, but I´ll write more later.

Our Mailing Address is:
Elder Josh Burt
Mission Argentina Resistencia
Entre Rios 435
Resistencia, Chaco
CP 3500

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