Monday, July 22, 2013

Still working hard...

Querido familia,                    22 de Julio 2013
After a party at the church, we went in and in the kitchen we found a mysterious pink shirt and cowboy hat.
So we are kind of bummed out about Milagros and Lisandro. Their step dad isn't allowing them to have anything to do with the church and now he is taking drastic measures to make sure that they can't be involved with the church.

On Tuesday, Milagros said that she couldn't keep meeting with us and wouldn't say why and then just muttered something about how she has to do what her parents say. Later we asked Lisandro what was going on and he said that their aunt said that we were going to kidnap Milagros and take her to another country, so now she is scared. And on Thursday when Elder Medrano and Elder Reynolds went to see them, there was a lock on the gate and they had been locked into the house. Elder Medrano tried to talk to the dad, but he just said that he was catholic and didn't want to talk to them. So Elder Medrano said that they just wanted to talk to Milagros and Lisandro then and their step dad said, "They're catholic too," and that was the end of it.

So it's a tough situation and now we're just hoping that nothing will happen to them and that one day when they don't have to live with their step dad anymore they will find the missionaries again and can get baptized. For now, there isn't really much that we can do; even though their mom is on our side and likes that they are in the church. It's really sad too, because they always refer to their step dad as "evil" and I don't want to think that he is a bad man, but I can't help thinking about how he is completely prohibiting them from coming unto Christ and is actively working against us as well as them.

On a funnier note, we went to visit our friend Cristian and when we got to his house we found that he was there with his brother, Guillermo, and they had been drinking a little. So Guillermo was really friendly towards us and asked why we never came by to teach Cristian anymore. The reason is that he wasn't really ready to progress and was just kind of stubborn, even if he was always welcoming to us. So we figured that maybe Guillermo wasn't really asking why we stopped seeing Cristian, but rather, when are we going to visit him. So we set an appointment with Guillermo for a few days later.

During this exchange with the two tipsy brothers, Cristian was texting this girl on his phone and he kept asking me to send her a message in English for him. So I finally conceded and asked him what he wanted the message to say. First he said something that wasn't very gentleman like, so I wrote, "I've been thinking that I would like to get married in the temple, but I need to find someone with whom I can get sealed." When he asked me what it meant, I told him, "it basically means that you want to be with her forever."

So that happened on Tuesday and we met with them again on Friday. We talked about the Gospel of Christ and what they have to do to follow Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receive the Holy Ghost, and continue to the end). At the end of our lesson we invited them to be baptized, but Cristian is still where he was before, just not really ready to change. Guillermo, however, was all over what we had to say, but he wouldn't accept a baptismal day. He says that he needs to pray and study still, which is fine because we know that if he is legitimately seeking then he will find.

The other day, we were talking to Marcos and Alan Castillo, two kids that we're trying to get baptized. Their parents are members, but they don't come to church. But we were walking down the street and they called out to us to come over and talk to them,. They were in a friends house, so we walked over and they were on the other side of this fence with their friend and this massive dog. After talking for a bit we went to leave and I took a bad step off the tall sidewalk because my foot landed in something smooshy, so I twisted my leg and kind of stumbled. So then I had to do my best not to limp away because at that same moment that I fell the dog started barking and I didn't want them to think that the dog had scared me (it really hadn't).

On Thursday we had splits, but in a different kind of way. Elder Reynolds and I both stayed in our area, but Elder Kimball and Elder Medrano both came and we worked as two companionships in the area instead of four for the day. So while Elder Kimball and I were together we started to play marbles with some kids in the street and then ending up teaching them before playing another game and leaving.

I´m all out of time until next week.

os amo,

Elder Burt

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