Monday, July 8, 2013

Teaching with a parrot

Querido familia,                               8 de Julio 2013

There is a family here that always tells us the experiences that they've had with sharing the gospel with the friends and co-workers, but as missionaries we would like to share the gospel with their friends and co-workers as well. What usually happens is people will think, "well, I need to get them warmed up before I introduce them to the Elders," so we haven't actually gotten a ton of referencias from the members; we'll ask for referencias, but they will usually say something like, "I've already sent the missionaries to everyone that I know."

However, we had a great experience with a member's friend this week. One of the sisters in the branch, Sandra Ferrau, told us that she was talking to a friend of hers that agreeed to meet with us. So we made arrangements to meet Sandra's friend, Maria in her house (Sandra's house). So we went a little bit ahead of when Maria was going to come so that we could talk to Sandra and talk about what we wanted to teach and how she could help us teach. 

We decided to teach her the plan of salvation for our first lesson so that she can understand what her purpose is in life and how she can accomplish her purposes by living the gospel of Christ. We also explained to her that by doing all the things which we are asked to do, we can inherit a place in the celestial kingdom and live as a family forever. 

It all had a very strong impact on her and she was worked upon by the Spirit. At the end of the lesson, we gave her a book of Mormon with a passage to read and an assignment to have personal prayers before going to bed at night. 

When we met with Maria and Sandra again on Sunday we had another great lesson. We taught her about the Restoration and how we have living prophets on the earth to guide and protect the families. We also explained the importance of the Priesthood and how she needs to be baptized by someone who holds it. So we invited her to be baptized and she accepted without hesitating and now we're planning on a baptism for the third of August.

This last Wednesday, we went to teach Daniel Luke the word of wisdom. We already knew before hand that he had a problem with smoking, but we want to get him off smoking as soon as possible. So I thought that it would be kind of funny and yet still totally appropriate to read the first chapter of Daniel with him where the young Daniel in the story refuses to partake of substances that the Lord had already said were harmful and because of his obedience he was blessed with success in work and had a great knowledge and understanding.

The lesson went really well, but the tricky part of the lesson was the parrot that was climbing up my back the whole time I was trying to teach. Daniel has a small parrot that is really cool, but it kept climbing up my backpack on the floor, making its way to may lap, and finally attempting to scale my back. Finally, I just picked it up and tried to put it on the table, but the parrot didn't want to get off my arm, so I just kept teaching with a parrot hanging out on my arm. Once it got comfortable there, it started licking my arm and that kind of tickled, but it was still a great lesson. He is already committed to quit smoking and then he will be living the word of wisdom. 

os amo,
Elder Burt

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