Friday, September 21, 2012

Chased off...

Quierdo Familia,                                                                  10 Sept 2012
     Today is a really busy day, so I sent most of the letter in my email this morning. This morning, our washer broke and isn't pumping the water out at the end of the cycle, so we had to go to the other Elder's apartment to use their machine. We also had to cut our P-day short today because we overbooked ourselves with lessons. So I'm just going to add to what I already sent in my email.
     There is a member in our ward, Brandi, who just got married to a non-member, Jacob. She invited us over to give a lesson to her and her husband, but we had a little trouble getting in the door. They live in the same apartment complex as the Jaen Family, but we didn't know where their door was. So as we were walking, we ran into Christina and Alejandra, who were on their way to play tennis, who told us that they would take us to their door. As we were walking there through the complex, there was a guy following us who, after a minute of following, told us to stop. He then started telling us how we had to leave and we weren't allowed to be there. He said that he is a manager that lives there and that someone called the owner and complained about us knocking, and the owner called him and told him to escort us out. We told him that we've never knocked a door there and that we were just on our way to an appointment, but he said that doesn't matter and that we have to get permission to be there because we're missionaries.
     So while we were talking to this guy, Alejandra knocked on Brandi and Jacob's door and then we told Brandi what happened. So she said she would call us and went back inside. As we started to leave, Jacob came outside and chewed the guy out and we were able to stay.
Os amo,
Elder Burt

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