Thursday, September 6, 2012

On to Corpus Cristi

Quierdo Familia,
     So on Tuesday I left Elder Bice and Portland to serve with Elders Anderson and Dustin in Corpus Cristi. We actually cover two areas, Oso Bay and University Heights, because one of the companionships here just got moved and they weren't replaced.
     Elder Anderson and his old companion, Elder Ginez, were teaching a woman named Brenda, but right now we're thinking of dropping her as an investigator. She is ready for baptism except she won't give up smoking. We committed her to go one day without smoking, which she did, but she was totally unwilling to go for two days without smoking. We promised her that she'll be able to quit if she reads the Book of Mormon everyday, but she won't even do that. We even went to the church's weekly addiction recovery meeting with her, but that didn't motivate her either.
     We went out one day knocking to see if we could find some of the less active members of the ward and two of them that we knocked into weren't too happy to see us.  The first guy was pretty calm and didn't ever get loud, but he was definitely frustrated. He said that whoever keeps sending missionaries to him needs to stop. To that Elder Dustin said, "God sent us here." The guy gave a half sigh and said, "I just want to be left alone."
     The next man opened his door and was immediately mad. He wasn't really yelling so much as just really projecting his voice, but his eyebrows kept going up and down with every word. He told us that, "he isn't subscribing to anything." Then at the end he said, "Leave now and never return!" (He totally stole that from Lion King, even the way he said it). He just put so much effort in to trying to sound intimidation that we couldn't take him seriously.
     A few weeks ago, I taught a family during exchanges with Elder Anderson and now I've taught them again. And they actually just got baptized this weekend. The dad, Abel, is a return missionary, but was inactive so his wife, Sabrina, didn't even know he was a Mormon or that he served a mission. But on Saturday, he was able to baptize his wife and two sons, Connor and Tristan.
Os amo,
Elder Burt

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