Monday, September 24, 2012

More baptisms

Quierdo familia,
     This week we started working with a family who got baptized in April except for two of the kids, Cristina and Eddie. We started talking with them to understand why they weren't baptized and we found out that the missionaries before just didn't finish teaching them. Eddie, for the most part, just doesn't care because he is thirteen and he doesn't really see the importance of it. He understands he needs to be baptized, but probably won't until Cristina is. Cristina is fifteen and has a twin sister, Alijandra. Cristina never was baptized because she never received an answer to prayer, but was also expecting some grand thing to happen. Alijandra had a dream that Jesus told her to be baptized, so Cristina was expecting the same thing. 
     After we taught Cristina how to pray and receive answers, she told us the next day when we went to visit that the night before, after her nightly prayers, she felt a fire within her like a burning. So now she is getting baptized on September 29th.
     We had to drop Brenda as an investigator because she wouldn't quit smoking and wasn't making any efforts to quit. She took everything we said the wrong way and got offended and then told us that her heart is really in the Catholic church (even though she hasn't been in years). She didn't mean what she said and we really were sad to drop her, but we can't help anyone that isn't willing to help them self.
     We met someone named Angie who was almost expecting us. She told us how she was alone because she just dropped her only son off at college and her husband died two years ago. Her husband was reading the Book of Mormon right before he died and then he just visited her in a dream two days ago.

os amo,
Elder Burt

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