Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contraband in the MTC

Quierdo Familia,
We just had a district leave our zone, so now we're the oldest district in the zone. We were really good friends with that district, so they gave us a bunch of stuff the night before they left. Elder Taylor and Brimacombe gave us a glow in the dark Nerf basketball hoop, Elder Knudsen and Gonzalez gave us a small supersoaker and 200 water balloons. From Elder Magenesen, I received two small water guns. When he gave them to me he handed them to me very sneakily in the hallway and then did the fist (the sign from our "rebellion"). Elder Green gave us a bunch of lotions and I found it because we walked into our room and it was all on the bed with a note (I took a picture of it that I'll send.)
     Among those lotions was a bottle of sunless tanning lotion, so Elder Odum and I started using it on our feet to see what will happen. I've been taking pictures of it too, so I can see the change.
     I'll probably be in the MTC until July because there are only a few people who approve visas to Argentina and July is the next time they'll be in the area on their tour.
     Our district was assigned to host this week, so I was one of the people greeting the new missionaries as they got dropped off. So, it was my job to show them around, get them to their rooms, get their grammar books, and drop them off at their classroom. I only had time to guide three missionaries through though. The first person wasn't so much excited as he was just taking everything in and trying to learn everything. The second was a sister, so I dropped her off with other sisters because Elders aren't allowed in the sister's residence buildings. The third person was kind of somber, maybe almost sad. I almost wanted to stop and say, "Listen, we're not going anywhere until I see a smile on your face; I want you to be excited to be here."
     At this point, we've basically learned everything about Spanish and it's now a matter of memorizing and applying the grammar and learning new words.
     You're going to find out way before this letter gets to you, but I'm sending my teacher, Hermano Avila, with the cookie container to Blackfoot.

Con amor,
Elder Burt

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