Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Fist

Quirdo familia,
     Yesterday during class, our teacher asked me and Elder Odum to teach the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to a new investigator in front of the rest of the class.  We had no idea we were going to be asked to teach and we only had one minute to prepare; luckily, we were both wearing the same tie. After our one minute of preparation, we sat down and slid our chairs forward until we were only one foot away from Max (the investigator). Needles to say, everyone started laughing, including our teacher who couldn't quite seem to contain himself. Our teaching style was to ask him about his life, work, and family and then teach him and how Gospel principles could be applied to his life and how he could be happier. Really what we were doing was having a normal conversation while teaching doctrine. At the start we said that he shouldn't be worried about remembering everything because it's not something he will learn overnight and Max was funny because he just said, "I can do that". The way he said it was what made it funny. As we talked, we learned he has five kids, only one of whom is a member, that he owns his own security company, and that he has his own ministry. After we finished teaching, our teacher said we gave the perfect lesson and with three more lessons like that he would definitely be baptized.
     On Sunday in the cafeteria during lunch, we started doing the four note whistle from Hunger Games (the one Rue and Katniss do during the Games). And there were a few people all over the cafeteria that would whistle it back. After that, we sat outside and did it and people outside would also whistle back. The funniest thing about it is that it became really popular and we started hearing it a ton. So by dinner, we were hearing it all over campus and we weren't the ones starting it. So three hours after starting it, there were three thousand other people doing it.
     Elder Odum and Allen were made the new zone leaders and I told Elder Odum we were going to have a revolution against his rule. So, I talked to the other district we hang out with and got them in on it. So our sign was a raised fist in the air and we were called 'the fist', and our slogan was, 'which side of the flood are you on?' We were never serious about it and it was just a joke and Elder Odum was on our side of the 'rebellion' against him and everyone thought it was funny. The only problem was Elder Schumacher, who is super strict to the rules, but only when it's convenient for him to follow them. He didn't think it was funny so he reported us and we all got lectured for seven minutes over nothing. And no one would even care, except if it weren't for Elder Schumacher being the biggest hypocrite in the district. He only follows the rules when it's convenient for him and then complains if someone calls him out on it. 
     On Sundays, there have been protesters out he sidewalk trying to talk to the missionaries as they go to and from the temple. I'ts kind of funny because they always contradict themselves and don't really know what they're talking about. Some days they'll say things , 'Jesus loves you and we do too,' and other days different people will say something like 'you will be held accountable for your false teachings.' 
     Everything is going well here and my Spanish is really coming along. Everyone loved the sugar cookies and the jersey is super cool.
Con amor,
Elder Josh Burt

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