Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soccer ego, soccer injury....

Quierdo Familia,
     So I probably need to clear up some confusion. Last week, my teacher, Hermano Avila, said he was going to Blackfoot to visit a friend. So I asked him to drop off that container you sent cookies in. He came back on Monday with the container and said he has a crazy story about why he wasn't able to deliver it, but I haven't heard it yet because we stay so busy. Anyway, that's what I was talking about at the end of my last letter.
     We just found out that the consul responsible for all visas to Argentina won't be here until July 3rd, which means the earliest we'll leave the MTC would be July 9th. If there's a chance that we would have our visas approved in two to three weeks then we would probably stay here until July 16th, but if not we'll just be reassigned somewhere in the States for six weeks. Either way it doesn't matter; if we have an extended stay here that's just more time to practice and prepare.
     This morning we were on our way back from the temple going to get changed so we couldn't get haircuts when we were stopped by the Spanish speaking missionaries who wanted to practice their street contacts. Thing about these particular missionaries is they were from Mexico and barely spoke English, but the cool part is that I probably said more to him in Spanish than he said to me in Spanish.
     My Spanish has really improved quite a bit in the last week. I've been working on identifying conjugation patterns within and across tenses as well as individual verb trees. What helps me remember is I also teach the new missionaries and help them with their Spanish.
     I had two bad days of soccer in a row or what seemed to be no apparent reason, but later on the way back to the residence after that second bad game, Elder Kuettel and I came to the conclusion that I had just finished the pride cycle on the soccer field. When I first started playing it was just to have fun, but after a couple games I started getting good, and after that I was one of the better people playing. I was constantly stealing the ball, ruining the other team's plays, and making goals (or being part of the reason we made a goal). But that first bad game I wasn't getting anything done and it wasn't because of a lack of effort, just a bad game. But I didn't worry about it and that next game I walked onto the field with the same confidence I usually do. This game went the same as the one before; only two things happened that haven't before. The first was when the ball was really high in the air and me and Elder Schumacher (on different teams) were both running to get it once it came down. It hit the ground and went back into the air, about fifteen feet. We got to where it was about to come down the second time and we both ran and jumped in an effort to bump it back to earth in a direction that was more favorable. As we made our efforts, we both collided in air and the way that we hit each other caused me to turn in the air and I ended up landing on my back and hitting my head. That didn't stop me though; I got up immediately, felt dizzy for a few minutes, and kept playing. The second thing that happened was there were four of us all around the ball and someone toe'd the ball as hard as they could and it came straight up, I was probably two feet from the person who kicked it, and it hit me in the jaw. At first it felt numb and then a few minutes later I bit down and that's when it really started to hurt. Everything is fine now though.
     I just got Tarea and Grandma's packages yesterday and they're awesome and it sounds like everyone is doing well. I've only read the first two chapters of 'The Miracle of Forgiveness', but it's really good so far.
     I won't be able to send pictures though because they took the photo kiosks out for some reason.
Con amor,
Elder Burt

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