Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The game of Mafia

Quierdo familia,
     Everyday is so similar here that it seems like one of those movies where the main character is living the same day over and over again until they get the day perfect; and it's only the moments in between the events that change.
     We got a new district in our zone and I haven't had a chance to get to know all of them yet, but I like the ones I have met. Seth Hoyt is from northern California and he hangs out with me and Elder Odum and does all our stuff with us. Elder Maurer is pretty cool so far, but we haven't learned much about him. In this new district, one of them went home in the first week, but he said he'll be back. Sean Kennedy plays soccer with me and he is usually our keeper and he's really good at it, so we call him the 'Dragon in the Keep.' But he's really good at singing and got a full ride to Mississippi for it.
     I just got a yellow fever vaccine today and a yellow certificate to go in my passport because without it, they won't let me back into the States; or I would just be in quarantine for two weeks.
     It was weird being at the eye appointment today because it was in town, so I got dropped off, but you forget that there's anything outside the MTC. 
     I'm trying to start a game of mafia in our zone where four people have mini pocket sized water guns and they have to get other people to be alone with them so they can shoot them. Then all the people that would just get us in trouble would be the police so you have to avoid them. Most of us want to do it, it's just a matter of getting organized and starting before we get our idea shut down.
     No ciento esta carte es poco, pero esta semuna foe sin acontecimientos. My Spanish word of the day yesterday was Estrellamar, which means starfish. Now I can say 'no' when someone asks me, usted quiera comer una estrellamar?
Con amor,
Elder Burt

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