Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Las Vegas Temple slot machines

Quierdo Familia,
    Yesterday we had Judith Lawrence's baptism. A couple things had to happen last minute to prevent it from being pushed back, but we did it. One of the requirements for baptism is reading at least fifteen pages from the Book of Mormon, which she hadn't done yet because she and her husband, Lon, are both losing their eyesight and it hurts their eyes to read. So, we had a member, Larry Lear, burn the Book of Mormon onto discs for us to give to the Lawrences. When we got the discs to them, they said that none of their disk players work, but we looked at them anyway to see if we could fix them. None of the CD players or stereo worked, but their DVD player did; it was just set up wrong. So the DVD was plugged in correctly and we turned it on to try it and the blue screen comes on. Then a message popped up that said, Warranty Expiration Warning - Total Run Time: 14,428 hours. So, after six-hundred and two days of use the DVD player still works fine and Judy was able to listen to the Book of Mormon. The second thing Judy needed to have before baptism was a family home evening, so Brother Lear invited us and them over to his house to do it. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and then had hot dogs afterwards.
     We visited the Huffman Family on Saturday and they had us come and eat dinner with them. Brother Huffman is a convert to the church from about two years ago and he is pretty funny. He and I were joking back and forth quite a bit. Elder Bice told him that there is a temple in Las Vegas and that surprised him, so then I told him that it was one of the temples that had slot machines in the lobby where you could play for your salvation. He just laughed and said, "yep, once you get three Books of Mormon in a row, you win."
     We've been teaching Bryan Dempsey, the one we had to wait to get out of the asylum, and he is a pretty solid guy. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and that he has to be baptized. Before he said he won't be baptized as long as his parents are alive (they're Catholic and he doesn't want to offend them), but then we gave him Matthew Ten to read and now he is preparing for baptism.
     We've taught the Figueroa family twice now (the Gospel of Christ and the Plan of Salvation) and gave them a tour of the church. They came to church yesterday and Mike really enjoyed it. He'll probably be baptized in September.
os amo,
Elder Burt

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