Sunday, August 12, 2012

False Idols

Quierdo Familia,                                                                     6 August 2012
     So, Bryan and Brenda Henderson are a couple that we're teaching and they have us over every week for dinner, but Brenda, as nice as she is, is testing me every week with her experimental cooking. One week we had pork burgers that had apples ground into the meat and a fruit sauce that went on top. Yesterday when we were visiting with them, Brenda said she was going to make fish tacos for us this week. She asked if we've eaten the particular kind of fish she was going to use, I said 'no' and she was like, how have you never had it? Then Elder Bice said, because he's from Idaho; all they eat there is potatoes. So Brenda said, well we'll just put your in a baked potato then.
     Two weeks ago we went to knock on a door that our records said a member couple lived there, but we've never met them. So we knocked on the door and found that the couple didn't live there, but their daughter (who answered the door) owned the house now and lives there with her husband and two year old son. She said that her name was Jessica Polderman, but she wasn't on the church records here. So she told us how she grew up with her two sisters and how the three of them became inactive once they moved out. Later on, Jessica bought the house from her parents and moved back to Portland with her husband. She mentioned that both of her sisters moved back to Portland, but didn't say where. She doesn't remember much about the church because she's been inactive for the last thirteen years and her husband isn't a member, so she wants us to start teaching them, but not just yet. So we're going to start teaching them this week.
     We were out knocking and saw a man in his driveway, so we walked over and started talking with him. He was a pretty cool guy. He said he went to a Catholic school and so he feels like he never really had a choice in what to believe growing up, but doesn't practice any religion. He said he wanted to learn more and we set an appointment with him the next day. He also mentioned that his wife was Mormon, but didn't go to church. So the next day, we taught him and his wife and found out that his wife, Stephanie, is one of Jessica's sisters.
     So now we just need to find the third sister so we can reactivate her and start teaching her husband. The final goal or this family in the next two months is to reactivate all three sisters, baptize all three husbands, and have three new families at church.
     One of the members we work with has a friend who goes to the Methodist church, but was about to have surgery to correct two hernias and was worried about it, so he asked us to come give him a blessing. He had the surgery the next morning and was home early in the afternoon. He recognizes that we have the power, but so far he hasn't acted on that knowledge; at least he hasn't met with since the blessing, but his member friend tells us that his friend tells everyone about his experience and how we have power. Hopefully soon he'll want to be taught.
te amo,
Elder Burt
p.s. As Elder Bice and I were going through the package, we got to the tiki and saw the part about it being the god of luck and Elder Bice just said, 'Nice, I love having graven images and false idols in the apartment'.

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