Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Quierdo Familia,
     Last Sunday in sacrament I confirmed Alynah, who was baptized last week by a member in the ward, Richard Anderson. We were worried at first because it was a quarter after and she still hadn't shown up to church, so we just sat down and waited to see what would happen. She came in during the meeting, but I didn't see her come in. So when the Bishop announced that, 'Alaynah would now be confirmed by Elder Burt', my only thought was, 'she will be?' But then I saw she was there and everything worked out well.
     So right now we have two investigators with Baptismal dates: Judy Lawerence, Lon's wife, and someone we've never met named Bryan Demsy. He's already been taught for eight months, but now he is almost ready for baptism and he is going to be in our area. The only problem is we can't teach him yet because he doesn't get out of the asylum until Wednesday or Saturday.
     We've been knocking on doors a little more this week, but knocking isn't really an effective way to find. Some people open the door and then immediately close it when they see us. Sometimes people will say they already believe in Christ, but they appreciate the work we're doing. The worst people are the ones that say they're Catholic,because they usually know very little about the Bible or their own church. All they know is that it's a party every Sunday with Pastor Bill. The funniest thing anyone has ever said to us was that he didn't believe in the Bible because the government tampered with it and the only way to find truth was through the internet. We've really only met one couple that was trying to be Christ-like, but they didn't want to join a new church. They did, however, invite us in to get out of the heat and get a drink.
     There's a funny thing the missionaries say here, more so the farther south you go, but it's, "I hate it when my investigators get deported!"
te amo,
Elder Burt

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