Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bus Stop Discussions

Quierdo familia,
     Yesterday I confirmed Judy in Sacrament meeting. We didn't have any surprises like we did with Alahnah. Lon, Judy's husband, is really happy for her and now their goal is to go to the temple. Lon wants to save up and go to the Salt Lake Temple.
     The zone was having leadership training for three days in Corpus, so while Elder Bice was at that I was working the Weber area with Elder Lindsey, who is from Hawaii. While I was with Elder Lindsey, we were on bikes, which was fun until the end of the day when my legs were just sore from riding for so long.
     There was this really interesting guy that we met at a bus stop who was more than willing to talk to us. The conversation started out pretty good; the guy even carries a Bible with him (King James version). He said that he liked to testify in Yahoo chat rooms, but the devil starting sending stray dogs to his house in order to stop him from doing his testifying. He asked us some questions about the Book of Mormon and then I asked him if I could borrow his Bible to how him a scripture. He wouldn't let me use it (he wouldn't shake our hands either) so I pulled out mine and when he saw my quad he asked if it was the Book of Mormon. I told him that it was the Bible and the Book of Mormon bound together to which he said, well I don't know if I can trust your Bible since it's with the Book of Mormon. We told him it's the same as the Bible he had in his hands already and that he could read along with me. He didn't want to open his, but I showed him John 10:18 where Jesus says, other sheep I have which are not of this fold. He didn't understand it, so we explained how the Savior is talking about the people in the Americas. By the end of it all he said was, that scripture isn't really in the Bible. He wouldn't even open his own Bible and look, so once you see that someone is close minded and ignorant like that, then it's just time to leave. So as we're walking away he keeps trying to talk to us. One of the last things he says is that Jesus of Nazareth is the true Savior and it's not really Jesus Christ (as if they're two totally different people).
     I have my visa now, but I'm not leaving until September 12th. I'm being transferred to Corpus to work with the zone leaders, Elder Anderson and Elder Dustin. So now I have to pack and then pack again in three weeks.
     We went over to Ismael and Eva's house to see how they were doing since we cast the evil spirits out of their house last week. ( I don't remember if I said anything about that or not, but they had a bunch of weird things happen to them and Rene had an encounter, so we blessed them and their home.) When we got there, their son had a bunch of friends over playing Call of Duty, so we went in the backyard to talk to the parents.
     After a few minutes, all the kids started coming out and started asking us questions about the end of the world and other things, but we were able to answer all their questions. They were pretty impressed and started asking serious questions, so they sat down and we taught them. After some discussion, we found that all these kids are punks (the son is on house arrest and the rest only care about marijuana and girls). We showed them how they can all have a better and more meaningful life and they all agreed to be baptized. So that's six baptisms that Elder Bice and his new companion will have to work towards and it'll be interesting to hear what happens. 
os amo,
Elder Burt

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